Scare Mazes

Experience the Fear with the Terror Ticket

Four Unique Scare Mazes to Test Your Courage

Amphibious: The Darklight Nautical Nightmare

Enter the ancient lighthouse at Poseidon’s Peak and be prepared to face a nautical nightmare! This haunt is filled with an eerie, unearthly glow that has engulfed the tower, bringing with it madness and terror. Be brave and face the mysterious sea-witch known as The Styx!

The Summoning: A Haunting New Experience

Take on the path of redemption and be reborn in The Summoning. From the ashes of righteousness, the embers of evil burn – who will survive this harrowing experience? Step bravely into the unknown and discover The Summoning.


The Blood Shed Dead Meat, Sponsored by Cheverton Farm Butchers

Enter a gory blood-fest with The Blood Shed Dead Meat. Follow Head Butcher Piggy as he searches for fresh blood and explore the rotting cabins. Don’t get left behind or you’ll be dead meat – can you escape the Cheverton Farm Butchers?


Blind Alley Snatched: Feel Your Way Through Darkness

Take a wrong turn down Watchbell Lane and find yourself in Blind Alley Snatched. Feel your way through the dark and damp back streets in search of cures at Whitecroft Hospital. Can you make it out alive or will you be snatched away?

And that's not all

Not only is there FOUR horrific scare attractions you have the chance to send yourself into a 360 degree spin on our BRAND NEW ride Extinction in the dark!

Plus live music, gruesome street entertainment, delicious food and our other rides Waterforce and Evolution.  If your too afraid for the mazes or they are simply not enough we have everything you need to make this a night to remember!