Let Horror Unfold at Terror Island 2023

Planning Your Visit to Horror Island

Getting to Terror Island

Are you ready to let the horror of Terror Island unfold? Whether you’re travelling from the South coast and crossing the Solent, or you’re local and looking to ditch the car, you can make your way to Terror Island 2023 in no time. Get ready to take in the spooky atmosphere and enjoy your time here.

Our Line up

Our Terror Island 2023 event has great horror-filled activities and experiences. Enjoy live music, grab a bite to eat, drink a cocktail for badasses, and of course, take in the atmosphere. You can make the most out of your ticket and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

Know Before You Go

We understand you might have questions about our Terror Island 2023 event. That’s why our website has an extensive FAQ section, so you can find out all the ins and outs, including what to bring, when to arrive and what to expect on the day.


Please contact our team if you need help finding what you’re looking for in our FAQs. We’re here to help ensure you have the best experience at Terror Island 2023.