Know Before You Go

Scare Maze Attractions and Street Entertainment at Terror Island

Get Ready for a Night of Spooky Fun!

When to Arrive

Terror Island starts at 6 pm, with scare mazes opening at 6.30 pm. We recommend arriving at opening time to ensure you can experience all of the scare maze attractions and street entertainment! The queue lines for each scare maze attraction will close at 10.30 pm, so arrive in time to ensure you get all the benefits. The event closes at 11 pm.

Safety and Security

For your safety and security, outside of our scare maze attractions, you can take as many photos as you like. Still, whilst inside, all photography, filming and recording are strictly prohibited. Mistreating any of our actors in or outside the scare mazes will result in you being evicted from the event. Bag searches may be in operation upon entry. Please wear suitable footwear and bring the right clothing! October and November nights can be chilly! No alcohol is allowed to be brought onto the site.

Prepare for a Night of Spooky Fun!

It’s time to get ready for a night of spooky fun at Terror Island! With scare maze attractions and street entertainment, there’s something for everyone. Please arrive early to ensure you experience it all.

What is Terror Island? 

• Terror Island is an award-winning Halloween night out with a scare experience.

• Features four scare maze attractions and a fully licensed bar.

• Street food, live DJ, live music, street entertainment all available.

• Access to some of Blackgang Chine’s rides.

Where is Terror Island?

• Terror Island is found at Blackgang Chine, Land of Imagination on the Isle of Wight.

• The event does not include access to the Blackgang Chine’s theme park.

How scary is Terror Island?

• Terror Island’s Halloween Festival offers a range of activities to suit any level of scare-enthusiast.

• Mazes are designed to be scary for all – find the right one for you by exploring the information page for each attraction.

• Different scares affect different people; click here to get a better understanding of what is on offer.

Is Terror Island suitable for people with disabilities?

• The site is accessible for wheelchair users, however the scare mazes and rides are not accessible.

• The mazes may not be suitable for people with mobility issues or certain medical conditions.

• Scare mazes include tight spaces, uneven ground and have been designed to scare visitors.

• Strobe lights, flashing lights, fog, theatrical scents and lasers are used throughout the event.

Will the Actors at Terror Island touch me?

• Actors in scare maze attractions may physically touch you, though without any ill-intent.

• You must not touch or harm the actors under any circumstances.

Can I leave a maze at Terror Island if I’m too scared?

• Scare Maze attractions run a one-way route with no midway exits.

• Once entered, the entire attraction must be experienced.

Will I get wet in the Maze or at the Terror Island event?

• Plan for the weather: it may rain, and water effects are used in some attractions.

• Dress appropriately: wear waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear.

How old do I need to be to get into Terror Island

• Terror Island is a strictly 16+ event and proof of age will be requested from anyone suspected to be under that age. 16 and 17 year-old’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18. Each adult can accompany up to 6 people aged 16 and 17. Please see our full T&C’s for more information.

Can I buy Terror Island tickets on the door?

• We encourage you to buy tickets in advance online to avoid disappointment.

• Ticket availability on the door is limited.

• Capacity per night is restricted.

Do you have toilets at Terror Island?

• Yes. Toilet facilities are available on site.

Are there car parking facilities at Terror Island?

• Yes. Free car parking is available on site.

Can I get a refund if I get scared in a maze at Terror Island?

• No refunds will be given. You are entering a venue with the intention of being scared.

• We recommend that you do not to enter a maze if a scare experience isn’t desired.

Where is the entrance to Terror Island?

• Upon arrival, park in the carpark and follow the signage to the Terror Island entrance. Our team will guide you through the check-in point.

Can I take photos or record videos at Terror Island?

• The use of video recording equipment and photography is not permitted inside any of the scare maze attractions, unless express written consent has been given. Find out more about press enquiries here.

how can I book a return coach ticket?

Return coach transfers are available from Ryde Esplanade and Morrisons Newport. Click here to book coach tickets.